Model Bio: Claudia Osorio Rivarelli (Brazil)


Claudia Osorio Rivarelli


Claudia Rivarelli was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She has a multitude of talents including: graphic model, fitness model, fashion designer, writer, personal trainer, kick boxer, go-go dancer journalist, and interpreter. She applies her knowledge of art and fitness in articles for magazines throughout Canada, Brazil, Argentina and the United States.
She has been featured on the cover of many publications in several Countries including Brazil and the U.S. both online and in print. She has appeared in magazines pertaining to both fitness and fashion.
Her sculptural body and exotic beauty make her one of the most sensual faces of Latin America and one of the most sought after models in the world. The growth and development of Claudia has made her a top professional in her homeland and abroad. Claudia has been a long time supporter of Transpire Magazine as she was one of the first International Models to become part of the Tsp B&B family.




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